The company designs building services for many sectors such as Sports and Leisure, Historical, Tourism (Hotels), Retail, Offices and Commercial, Private Residences, Transportation, Industrial, Healthcare, Waste and Recycling, Education and Security amongst many others.


Our staff utilise a broad range of skills and knowledge in order to produce designs & consultancy in a cost effective and timely manner. This is based on a significant number of years served delivering mechanical and electrical solutions for a wide variety of projects. Quality Assured designs are produced using the latest computer aided design software in electronic or paper formats.


As well as producing mechanical & electrical (M&E) designs for a wide variety of environments, the practice provides a wide range of other M&E consultancy services such as:-

  • Engineers' Expert Witness Service - independent engineer's review of M&E services associated with building projects that have moved into dispute.

  • Peer Reviews - producing impartial reviews of M&E designs both at home and abroad.
    M&E Service Condition Reports - surveying existing M&E services with the objective of assessing their efficiency & effectiveness.

  • Public Speaking - addressing conferences & workshops and producing educational seminars & keynote speeches on the latest designs and developments in the field of Bio Security.

  • Advisory Service - assisting in the development of further & higher education course content for educational establishments.

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